Organising an Awesome Family Christmas Part 12



To-Do Jobs Around the Home

  • Clean and declutter your entrance hall / foyer: Remove clutter, clean and organise. Check the front door, clean and polish windows and brass door furnishings. Also use this as an opportunity to test outdoor lighting.
  • Prepare the entryway for guests. Declutter doorway storage areas so that outdoor shoes, umbrellas or keys find an attractive home. Make sure there’s extra space in the coat closet, and add spare hangers for guest’s coats.

Christmas Prep Checklist

  • Inspect and inventory decorations. As seasonal decorations come out of storage, make a quick review of what you have. Add any needed items to the shopping list.
  • Begin decorating!
  • Send party invitations. Send invitations early. Social calendars fill up quickly in December.
  • Arrange for baby-sitters.
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